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Originally Posted by Berkie View Post
Hmmmm. Even lighter eh? I must have a look at Dashboard too.
I can undestand you not wanting to spend much time editing. I'm a retired video producer, and found editing a bit of a pain. I was curious about how the latest editing apps handle combining the 2 streams, hoping it might be quite easy now.

If it can be done without much hassle it really boosts your viewer response you will find. That's why you see so many camera angles in sports coverage.

Fairly inexpensive editors (e.g. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro17+ for about $70) can edit more tracks than anyone here would ever need. And a special multicam mode allows two tracks (user selectable and changeable) to be switched back and forth in the main output track by simply clicking on their thumbnails when you want the switch to occur. No cutting/pasting of individual clips needed! And the audio with each clip will follow along with it if you want, or a single audio track can be locked in no matter which clip is current in the frame as an alternative. Can't get much easier than that.

For a simple free solution, a simple click on an Avisynth plain text script file icon can grab two clips (named clip1.avi and clip2.avi), reduce them to 1/2 size, combine them for simultaneous playback in a full sized frame, and output that video video stream into an editor (i.e. VirtualDub) for final editing and output to final playback form. For example, here's the simple script text that directs Avisynth to place the two clips side-by-side:
StackHorizontal(reduceby2(Directshowsource("clip1. avi")), reduceby2(Directshowsource("clip2.avi")))
And this one will stack the two videos vertically:
StackVertical(reduceby2(Directshowsource("clip1.av i")), reduceby2(Directshowsource("clip2.avi")))
Attached are two sample frame grabs of the combined videos (both of which play back normal in their reduced frame areas)... pretty powerful stuff for only having to click an icon once the tools are in place on your PC!
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