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Originally Posted by JumpySticks View Post
I have the Dashboard software, which puts gauges on the video using gps data. So the canmore is to gather the gps data. It's actually more reliable than the contour gps IMHO.

BTW, I just weighed the two jumbos plus the canmore vs the contour.
The contour is 5.2oz+4oz weights in tail for cg=5.6oz
The 2 Jumbos.9 oz ea.+Canmore 1.2 oz = 3.0oz. No need for weights because the cameras will be on wingtips near the cg.
And the price is about $200.00 cheaper.

Not sure how I will edit the video yet. Haven't shot any with the jumbos yet, just charged them overnight and need to pick up some micro sd's today. I don't like spending a lot of time editing, so I will probably just run each of the videos through Dashboard and upload to youtube like that. I guess you can watch them side by side in separate windows if you want by letting it load fully then starting simultaneously.
Hmmmm. Even lighter eh? I must have a look at Dashboard too.
I can undestand you not wanting to spend much time editing. I'm a retired video producer, and found editing a bit of a pain. I was curious about how the latest editing apps handle combining the 2 streams, hoping it might be quite easy now.

If it can be done without much hassle it really boosts your viewer response you will find. That's why you see so many camera angles in sports coverage.

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