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Originally Posted by wfvn View Post
Don't know but it doesn't get to 100 cycles.

But battery power isn't the problem since I use a custom USB cable to power the camera when recording.

Bad video results is the problem and also it doesn't want to record at some times. uSD card has lots of empty space and is inserted but the camera some/many times doesn't want to record. When is doesn't want to record, orange LED lights up but that's it. Normally it will flash once befor it's ready for recording.
Also, when no uSD-cars is inserted, the yellow LED lightens up instead of blinking continuously.
Mass Storage doesn't work also. Powering with normal USB cable is also a problem. Many times the cable doesn't connect too well since the red LED goes on or off depending on the position of the inserted USB plug.

Mass storage not working: don't care
Bad battery (just 12 minutes recording): don't care

do care about bad video recording or no recording at all.

One can't expect miracles for about $40. The camera is a lot of fun and image qualitiy is really good compared to the rediculous low price for an HD camera but I'm thinking about getting a real HD camera like VRhold Contour HD/GPS/+ or GoPro Hero.
Yeah, must say that VRhold Contour HD/GPS/+ seems a good choice. It's barrel design is much better for RC and it is about 20 gram lighter than the GoPro

Must take a look at the AP section here and see what they have to say about it.

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