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Originally Posted by kuczy View Post
Okay...I used the RCSpeedo App today. I hope it is accurate. For my level passes I tried to not go vertical and just turn on the upward and downward legs.

So I took my Parkzone P-47 and the Q out.

My P-47 has the E-flite Power25 1250Kv motor swinging a 10x7 APC using a Turnigy 4s 3000 40c.

Results of the straight and level (as possible) passes:
Average speeds were 107mph rounded to the nearest MPH. The Fastest level pass was 114 and the slowest was 93. Out of a dive I got 121. NICE!!!

The Stryker Q Stock motor/prop, 60 E-flite ESC
3s 2200 40c Turnigy
Straight and level(as possible):

Average speeds rounded to the nearest MPH were 96mph
Fastest pass was 106mph and the slowest was 90mph
Out of a dive I got 115Mph

Same setup on Turnigy Nano-Tech 4s 35c 1800
Average Speeds straight and level (again as level as possible)were 107mph
Fastest pass was 116mph and the slowest was 96mph.

Now for the great part. Out of a dive I recorded 133.91mph.

My "out of a dive" speeds were done by flying straight and level across the field. Then pulled vertical into a Split-S from (about twice the treetop height) roughly 100'-125' and screaming back across the field. I really could have taken it up to 200'+ and really put it into a steep dive to see what it recorded, but I wanted it to be somewhat realistic.
cool, nice speeds recorded there
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