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My DX7 settings and receiver wire up. YMMV

I'm using airbrakes (thanks alucard&ping) with a mix to prevent from pitching up. And a mix to help my KE's

Short leads= rudder
Long leads = elevon
right leads control right rud/ele and vice versa

Left elevon goes to AIL, right elevon goes to ELE, right rud goes to RUD using 3" ext, left rud goes to AUX1 using 3" ext
ESC goes to THR, bind plug goes to BAT


model menu
input select: Aux2: INH , FLAP:System Trim:INH
wing type: Delta on
D/R switch sel: com elev (I like on/off switch for hi rates)

function list
D/R exp: setup per manual
Reverse: ail, ele
Flap sys: norm 0 0; mid DN65%/DN14 ; land DN100%/DN30 (Mine's setup with airbrakes, these settings compensate for it wanting to pitch up). Auto INH

differential: delta norm 0%
two program mixes used to control rudder if using airbrakes
Prog Mix1 Rud->Flap; rate +100/+100; sw:ON offset:0
Prog Mix2 Flap->Rud: rate -100/-100; sw: on offset:0

prog mix 3 (to help my Knife edges) rud->elev; +17/-15 sw: on offset:0

YMMV, adjust as needed
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