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Maiden and impressions

Got it all together. Maidened her and got 6 flights in. Crashed hard on the last flight but will post about it later.

cliff notes: tape and CA rudders. underhand launch hard and be quick on throttle. flies very stable, quick, but could be quicker. Rolls are sick

Prelaunch: Double sided tape alone is not enough on the rudders. You'll need CA on the seams if you push her like I do. I CA'd around the elevon horns and they're holding fine. Added CF rods for reinforcement on the edges of rudder and elevon (thanks Alucard)

Launch: It's hard, but it's also my first real plane that has to be HL. I do zero throttle until it's thrown. Tried the baseball grip w/ index and middle finger behind firewall, but this throws of CG and it goes 90deg up for me. Tried with power holding by the wing, worked 1 out of 2 times, didn't like too much. Did nose in a couple times and donk it up a bit Ended up underhand with thumb and fingers in grip and index finger passive on the plastic rest. Throw hard with 30deg and hit throttle quick (I use neckstrap) with low rates - worked for me

Flight: Stock setup with voltz 2200 35C pack. Unlimited vertical, super super fast rolls with hi rates and 40mm throws. KE needs some mixing. I set mine up with airbrakes going inward with elevator compensation, to me it's not needed; u can slow down better with hard elevator, but the air brakes are cool if you like to tinker. Landing is super easy since it'll fly slow, or can parachute/elevator land. Pretty fast. I'd say 80-90. Could be faster, but not bad for the whole package. great sound. mine flew nose heavy so slight ele input needed for inverted flight.

Yes, I crashed: Going full speed little too low and rolling full speed. Was losing altitude (due to nose heavy, so sinks some when inverted) and rolls were too quick to tell which orientation, so stopped the roll and pulled up, except she was inverted. 100% WOT into the ground Ouch, Lesson learned. I know I said it could be faster, and it's true for straight leveled speed passes, it could be. But still an awesome plane.

Pics and aftermath of crash later if I have a chance.

edit: wow just saw unrealpie crash. Mine crashed hard at WOT straight onto the nose, but the damage wasn't as bad as yours. sorry about the loss. Maybe an $85 body replacement and transfer the rest over if possible. And I will go back and add backplates now, instead of just CA around the seams. scary stuff
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