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[QUOTE=Unrealpie;18655789]So... Today was a great day for flying, Got about 5 flights in and then... The worst happend.. Turns out that the dang control horn is glued to paint, who would of known! It came off the surface at about 8 feet off the ground doing about 73mph. I went to pull up but all it did was roll over and dirt dart. Foam went EVERYWHERE and it launched my battery a good 30 feet. Speed Controller is completely destroyed, the heat sink came off and the wires got severed. the only good thing is my Rx and Motor, as well as all 4 servos. I would recommended drilling 2 holes in the control horn and running some screws into a back plate. Crashing over something as stupid as that. Way to Fk up Parkzone, why would you put good horns on the rudders but not the elevons?

Oh man sorry for the disaster. I agree that PZ totally dropped the ball on the control horns on the elevons. I would be totally p@@sed off of I were you.
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