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Hey Guys,

for LMH's mod I've ordered a Sparkfun BOB USB-TTL-Adapter, since, as I indicated in the above, I thought this might be the better choice. Though it is a bit bigger than the other Sparkfun-Board, it is indeed more convenient since it allows access to many more pins, and hence allowed to do the modifications mentioned in the above with much less involved soldering work.

However, although it's working, using the USB power supply I found to not work really reliably - all after all I didn't liked it. Hence, I decided to change things and add an extra power supply for powering the device to be programmed. Fortunately, since both the Robbe Box and the GA250 do come with their build-in voltage regulators, any power supply which provides 5V or more does the job... hence I ended up with using 4 mignon rechargables (see figure in the previous post). I don't know why I was "resisting" to do that before; it makes things so much easier. First, one now could use the cheaper and more compact Sparkfun USB-TTL Adapter without ANY changes (use the 3.3V version). Second, the soldering work to be done is most simple. And third, it works as one expects it to work...

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