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Hmmm, the way I see it, it's a plane for racing and racing involve a group of people owning the same plane. Should be extremely fun with 3 other buddies having one.

The Sbach has much larger control surfaces. Sure enough you could do pole racing with it, but at only a few feet above the ground and on a thight circle around a pole, you're dead meat if you make the smallest mistake. The Pole Cat is designed to follow a line very sharply. The Sback is designed to break that line very quickly!

Back to the pole cat, I'm not crazy about the angle on the rudder... (not that you would use it much anyway!). Otherwise, it does look fast, just sitting on a table! And at $99, the price is sweet.

As far as the next UMs coming out, Seth has to be working on my future Extra 300 version. (not that there's much to be improved on it, but I could use another different 3D ship in my hangar and Seth hit the nail right on with the 300). The other guys can work on a UMX Stryker (no need for rudders, Sbach motor, two servo, cheap and fast) and a glider.
RealGambler is online now Find More Posts by RealGambler
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