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Originally Posted by air_crash View Post
a) warranty. As you may have seen there are some posts mentioning about the cost to send the camera back to China, wait, wait, wait, and after so much waiting you may get the replacement. I would say that there is no warranty if you get it through China. If you`re lucky it works, if not then you have nothing. It`s like as when you cast the dice.
What you imho may have forgotten is that a buyer who buys an article through Ebay (any article) has a very powerful tool: feedback ratings. Sellers are scared to death for negative feedback and they will do a lot to prevend that. It is certainly not uncommon that a seller offers to replace a defective item.

The main problem is that the seller wants you to send the defective item back first, and most of the time the buyer has to pay the return charges. Those shipping costs can be quite high. I expect these costs from, lets say, the USA to China or from Europe to China can be 10x higher than the other way around. I was told that Chinese vendors only have to pay a minimal amount because the Chinese government is paying for the rest, in order to stimulate chinese economy and chinese export.

[edit]: I was still typing this message when Tom was already posting his reply, which makes this message somewhat redundant, but I fully agree with what Tom wrote.
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