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Originally Posted by air_crash View Post
Yes, I can.
I also use Videostudio Pro x4 version, and it can import and edit the files.
I have a v2 #11 camera with release 1 firmware, if this makes a difference. It may not, I can`t know as I never have installed release 2 firmware, neither I have a v3 camera.

I think you miss the part that the camera is sold from USA.
So if you`re a US citizen, I`m not, then you gain:

a) warranty. As you may have seen there are some posts mentioning about the cost to send the camera back to China, wait, wait, wait, and after so much waiting you may get the replacement. I would say that there is no warranty if you get it through China. If you`re lucky it works, if not then you have nothing. It`s like as when you cast the dice.
So here you have no such trouble.

b) faster shipping. I suppose.

c) hand picked. Maybe.

d) seller pays taxes. Like if you had to pay taxes for importing the camera, plus the profit taxes for the sale. So a part of the price is gone to the IRS. I suppose.

I think the phrase that this is an open market and anyone can make his own decisions is the right one.
I myself bought two from China cause there were not sold in my country anyway, and I may did the same if the price difference was big enough to take my risks -as I`m a risky man and then I don`t worry if something goes wrong.
There is no difference in the .MOV files produced by the different camera vaersion that would allow one file to be loaded into a program but not another file, unless one file got somehow corrupted.

Lets be more accurate about the warranty. Your comment about no warranty/out of luck if a defective camera purchased from one of the China eBay sellers listed in post #2 is TOTALLY WRONG! Based on all the posts here, any defective camera that has been returned to them for confirmation of the defect has been replaced... all of them! The fact that the camera has to be returned at the user's expense to verify the defect (and analyze/correct the problem on future cameras) has received complaints and was discussed here before. This is standard practice here and I wish people would stop complaing about it! Maybe you can get a replacement sent to you and keep the original where you live, but it does not mean there is no warranty or support by the China sellers! The cost to send the product back to China is a problem with your postal system, not the seller's warranty policy. I can (and have) returned a defective camera to China from here in the U.S. for about $5 US. The return/replacement time delay can be minimized by negotiating with the seller to buy a new one and get credit back for that purchase when the defective one is returned/received. I have no idea if the U.S. seller offers any warranty or can provide support equal to or better than the China sellers.

I agree the U.S. buyers should get the produce shipped to them a little faster from a U.S. seller, but that's about it. Taxes are pretty much a non-issue here unless the U.S. seller conducts business from the state where you live, then maybe 4% - 9% sales tax. But for me, the add on price of this U.S. seller is excessive for just the camera/memory card based on the excellent sales/ service and support I have received from my China eBay seller. I can get the product in about 7 days from China, and in 2-5 days from a U.S. based location, depending on where/how it's shipped.
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