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I'm not familiar with the distributors you mentioned. I'm new to the hobby and I bought my helis from local hobby stores. I now know one distributor who is my neighbor but he doesn't stock the 328 yet as I mentioned.

I didn't have time to call today but I did source the phone number for Nine Eagles. They are located in Jia Ding District in Shanghai. My Chinese isn't top notch but I can speak it well enough to converse with them. This is assuming that they will not try to speak Cantonese with me. You never know in Shanghai.
I'll try to find time to call them tomorrow and I will report my findings.

It's a long shot, though. We bought dog catching equipment from Germany last year and we had to beg them to ship to us because they wanted us to go through their local Taiwan distributor. The problem was that buying locally was more expensive, a lot more expensive, than buying from Germany and paying for international shipping and for import permits that were required for this type of equipment. It's like they have things backward sometimes...

More later after I contact the company.
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