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Well, Just finished the foam part of the build. Sorry to seethis thread lapse so long. Not actually planning on any combat, just fun flying a simple to build fun plane.

Haven't mounted gear or motor yet.

I have on hand a 2s 800mah pack, and an 18A esc. So I'll use those. Wondering what to use these days for a motor.

I have on hand the following:
HobbyKing D2211-1700
HobbyKing D2730-1300
Emax CF2822
TowerPro 2408-21

Seems like the first might be too small, second and third too slow on 2S. So maybe the old clunky 2408-21? That thing has been on many (now deceased) planes and spent a half year in a tree, and still keeps on ticking.

Maybe an 8x6 two blade prop?

I would kinda like a 3 blade, but don't know if it would work very well. For 3 blades I have a GWS 7x3.5 and an 8x4.

Airframe weight so far is 2.5 oz.

I'll use an Orange 6 ch receiver (without case) and 2 Hxt 9gr servos.

This was my first try at an airbrushed camouflage plane. I used craft store paint, mixed, plus a squirt of Windex, and a bit of water.

I made up the roundels and tail emblem, and modified/stretched the mouth emblem using Open Office Draw.

The canopy was the one in this thread. These were all printed on plain paper, hit with Krylon Crystal Clear to fix the ink, and stuck on with 3M 77.
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