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nah im all good boys.

thanks for your concern. Just had two drinks (about half a bottle) and slept it off. Woke up a new man.

Hey BUD i just got you some credit on HK for saying your response was the best!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Maybe we can farm the system like they do in that game WOW. You write something and ill respond and you say it was the best and whoola we get credit.

Ok so i spent the morning fitting a bigger tail wheel to my extra 260. I also made the landing gear a bit more secure and sturdy.

I cut groves in the underside of the wing and put in 4mm carbon spas in each sides. Should make it alot stronger. I also glued in the aileron servos so they dont move around. Put tape over the top canopy so she doesnt fly off again mid flight. Made some minor adjustments, changed out the broken prop (have 2 spares) and im ready for flight.

Im still waiting for the esc to get my yak 54 going but the right motor turned up. So hopefully the esc shows up today and i can get building her this arvo and have a maiden in the morning.
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