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Originally Posted by 2dmatt View Post
Ok so I just got finished rebuilding from today flight. I defiantly don't have and problem with the nose coming up any more. Today was the first day I flipped the servo switch to the "holy crap" position and that livened things up nicely! Fast forward to halfway through the second battery and I was doing some nice circuits. Then I decided to put the hammer down. From here I'm not sure what happened but I found myself in a high speed banking turn and I somehow got disoriented and went into a nosedive that was moving so fast I had no time to correct it. I hit the ground and It looked like the thing just exploded. Haha! I walked over and the skids were stuck in the ground about 5 feet away. Canopy demolished, maingear, main blades, battery compartment. It was my worst crash so far but the thing was flying like a ferrari. Anyway , some parts and super glue, and I'm back in business. I love this hobby!
OUCH! ..been there! I know how you feel. These little dudes are fast!!! But, it's a cheap rebuild and you'll find it flys better after you rebuild it, than before. Each time you'll tweak it a little better.

When you fly circuits again, try turning "on" your Dual Rates (D/R switch up) and increase your AIL/Elev Extends (on the RX) a tiny-tiny bit. The small increase of Extend gives you more control, while at the same time, the D/R "on" will keep the heli tame "overall", so it doesn't get away from you.

Catch ya in a few days when you're back in the air! Thanks for posting!
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