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Originally Posted by stalyoni View Post
my fellow addicts and groupies (BJ, BUD and KRIS shaking pom poms in pink short skirts)

your cravings will be eased with the edition of the new e-flite UMX sbach 342.

By the look of chucks maiden video she is one fast little bird.

So do i sell off my umx beast to get her?

Or do i keep my umx beast, replace the wings on her. Then get one of the new sbach motors and put it in the beast?
I dunno..I've got a 4Site...luv it...but to tell the truth, in order to fly it o/d it has to be a *zero* wind any kind of breeze it's just frustrating (considering I strive for perfection in my manuevers)'s a blast in my work gym, extremely precise...but I've had to tone down the "on the clock flying". That's why I never pulled the trigger on the UMX Extra 300...even though I just *luv* Extras...if it's optimal o/d flying wx I'm grabbing my big planes. Maybe the Sbach will be a little better o/d, considering it's full fuse.

I recut the rudder hingeline on my C-RC Extra, grafted in a new deppy piece for the control horn and a custom basswood piece for the steerable tailwheel/rud interface and slapped in another HXT900 and I'm back to carving up the sky. That's why Depron profile planes rock...they're simply not grounded for long, no matter what the damage! (pics tomorrow maybe)

Also got my Microheli MCPX tailboom/CF fin setup...heavier than stock, and I can see why some peeps are already stripping out screws...tiny suckers...but it is kewl looking. Pics tomorrow also.

I've got a towerpro 2409 xx in my Rogue sailplane....gets the job done cheaply. Make sure the spindle fixing hex bolt/ring in front is tight...I was wondering why I was losing power and heating up the's a bad thing when the spindle hand-turns w/o the worx!

Bud, <flashes the secret addict gang sign> Bud
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