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Sources for hi-starts and hi-start rubber

This needs to be updated from time to time.

My favorite, NESailplanes seems to be in trouble. No one seems to be able to get in touch with them, so forget the Pinnacle hi-starts.


Hobby-Lobby - hi-start rubber or full hi-start packages - well known for quality products

Aerofoam - Hosemonster - rubber alone or full packages
reputed to be the best

HobbyKing - rubber only. I don't know much about these. 30 foot pieces only so you would have to join them for a larger HS.

I found this e-bay listing for theraband
I posted a question to see if the spools are 100 feet continous or if it is pieces. 100 foot of green is $53 including shipping. A guestimate would be that red would be good for 2M, Green for typical 3M, Black for extra strong or larger than 3M. Anyone have actual pull measurements for this stuff?

Tower Hobbies - Low cost - they work but I only recommend these for people on a very very tight budget. Use the HD for 2M or above. Probably Ok to 100" wing span. Standard is for under 2M gliders.

General guidelines

You can buy latex rubber tubing on e-bay or from other sources, just make sure that whatever length they offer is one piece. You can see offers for 100 feet but it comes as a bunch of 5' sections which would be common use for this stuff. You can join pieces but I would not want more than two joiners on a 100 foot hi-start. There are joiners that can be split so having multiple pieces could be an advantage if you fly on varying length fields.

Assuming you find 30, 50 or 100 foot pieces here are the size breakdowns as I have seen them used. Others may provide different advice. I tend to like my HS a little stronger. You can always pull a little less but if you need more pull and you don't have it you are stuck.

5/16" OD - Standard HS good for about 1.7M up to about 3M or about 65 ounces.

3/8" OD - HS for up to about 3.5M or about 80 ounces. Fine for 2M planes, just don't pull as far.

1/2" OD - Good for up to about 4M or about 100 ounces. May not be good for 2M planes.
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