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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Hi Roger,

I tried your method, but it comes out very jerky compared to the method I gave. It looks to me like the toggles in the frame Rate Conversion box are all mutually exclusive (Radio Buttons!). If I set the frame rate to 300 fps there and then select decimate by 10, only the decimate by 10 toggle takes effect. The video plays back every 10th frame at what ever frame rate the source frame rate is toggle to. If I set the frame rate to 300 fps setting last in that block, I get a video that plays back at 300 fps, but with each frame duplicated 10 times, so it still looks like the original playing back at 30 fps. The only way I can get a video to play back all frames smoothly at an accelerated rate is to just set the Source Frame rate to 300 fps and leave the other toggle set to "process all frames".
It is jerky and I can't figure out why. It may be because the frame rate of the original is not exactly 30fps, it's around 29.94. The conversion seems to skip an odd frame now and then, making the output jerky. Still cannot get the output to speed up using only the frame rate adjustment without decimating. Not bad really, but just a little jumpy in spots.

Here is what I get with the 1000 frame rate and decimating 30.
br 12clipped (0 min 26 sec)
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