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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
See the FAQs in Post #3, very first link under the Video Editing title. You need to get the ffdshow codec pack to get the H.264 codec to decode the video using Vdub. A link is provided there. Then once in Vdub, you can reset the Source Frame Rate in the Video menu to you selected speed. To output with no re-encoding or quality loss, you then go into the Video menu and select "Direct Stream Copy". Finally, in the File menu, select "Save as AVI", and your file will be saved at the new frame rate.

FWIW, you can set the size of the file chunks that MP4cam2AVI outputs using the toggle in the lower right corner of it's window. Maybe you already saw that. The largest file chunk size is about 2GB... not sure if that is bigger than your individual videos or not. Once you get all your individual clips sped up, you can load the first one back into Vdub, then append each one in succession using the "File/Append AVI Segment" menu item. Once all are loaded, just reset for Direct Stream copy" output, and save out the joined files as one long .AVI video. You could then load that into another editor to add text overlays, transitions, etc. if you want. But Video Pad can do that, too. Once you have the ffdshow codecs installed, WMM should also be able to load and play the H.264 codec .AVI files.

Good luck. Let me know what you find. Also, just curious what codec you used to out your file with VideoPad. Anything other than H.264 will inflate the file size, but maybe make playback easier on your computer.
Mr. Frank,
Back again to cause you more grief. Yes, I found the link to the codec im plain sight. Sorry...must be a blind spot or something.

I'm still having trouble getting the time lapse to work. I installed the codec and now Vdub runs fine, but I followed the steps you gave and got strange output. First thing I noticed when outputting at 10 times normal frame rate (near 300fps) was that the estimated file size was showing near original size. Yes, this program also works very fast. But when I open the output file in WMV or in RealPlayer, the video is not sped up. It plays normal speed and length. When I view the properties, it shows the length as reduced and the frame rate at 300 or so, but plays normally.

I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but attaching some screen shots for your advice on perhaps some wrong setting.
You had inquired about the codec that Videopad used, so I also attach a screen shot showing that. I think it's the very same one that you had me install, h264.

I don't like that mp42avi breaks up a 40 minute video into 4 files, which then will all have to be run throught Vdub (assuming I can get the speed function to work), however both programs appear to have batch functions so once I figure out the process, it should be a good bit faster than VideoPad.

Thinking again of the cross country drives, 10 hours a day of saved video to process, hopefully while I sleep!

Thanks again for this awesome thread!
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