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i just talked on the phone to Mario and Walt today. Mario designed the heli (Housefly) around the GWS pico servos since they are so small-they fit better. and Walt was saying to basically use whatever is the lightest, since the current draw difference will be neglible in a 3-10 minute flight anyway. so after i shorten the leads and use the 32 gauge wire, i think the PIco's will be just fine.

Walt also did some quick, rough estimate calculations for me and figured that it'll take about 26.7 watts (pulling 2.8 amps) to lift this little heli. if the GWS motor that comes with the kit is efficient putting out that amount of power, he figures that we might be able to get up to 7 minutes of hovering flight time using seven 370 mah cells. i have a couple of 180 motors that Mario also suggested that i might try and if the GWS can't put out that much power, i'm pretty certain that the 180 can.

we'll see what happens this weekend (or even possibly as early as friday night). i'm getting more and more optimistic about this heli as i continue to build it up.
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