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It seems Ive run into some problems, that shouldnt be there..

I have 2 megamotors, the 16/40/1 and the 16/25/1.5S

I did recieve my adapterflansche that should be the one for my KPG27 and my megas..according to the seller the FUN400/480 flansche is the RIGHT one.. OK ,,,,BUT ??? it doesent fit, look at my picture, the inner hole on the flansche is to small. megas have 10mm and the flansche has 9.5mm...

I send this pictures to the guy I did order from i Germany, explaing my situation, Then I recieved an email, and he says: the one he did sent, it is the right one for mega motors, you just have to dremel the hole up to fitt the megas.

Could someone please sort this mess up, I cant the last order, it has allready been paid for. But it wasnt so expensive..

I remember reading here that the" 3650 - Kontronik Adapterflansch SPEED480 Kurz" should be a perfect fit for a mega motor.. Im confused, but according to the first seller this it totally wrong adapter..

So just to be sure I did another new order yesterday from another place, I did order this two:

* 3600 - Kontronik Adapterflansch SPEED480
* 3650 - Kontronik Adapterflansch SPEED480 Kurz

Ive told the seller that I have order these two above, and he says, its wrong, wont fit,, hmm ??

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