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Hey Guys,

I played with the cams this past weekend. It's not RC but I bet you enjoy it....

I sent this link to friends that I usually bore with my RC videos so I'll just copy my email note here for you guys rather than retype it.


Hey Guys,

For those of you that have suffered through my endless airplane videos
here's something a little different. I took the $50 Keyfob Cam and
mounted it on some sports cars this weekend. I only have the footage
from my Caterham (Lotus) Super Seven uploaded. This is the raw footage
with no editing. This was a test of the cam and mount so these are hot
laps but not over the top hot laps. I follow a good friend for a while
to get some car to car footage then pick it up a bit to get some video
in open air.

I'm on street tires and you can tell by the high pitch sound of them.
Later on in the week I'll up load video from some 911's we took turning
1:24's and1:26's. That video is from a low angle so you feel like the
video was sped up but it's not.

This was just a relaxed set of hot laps enjoying the Seven, the day, and
keeping up with some GT3's till they hit the front straight where they
went bye bye.

To give you some references on the main straight when the silver Lotus
goes by I'm going about 110mph. The Seven does about 123mph on that
straight but I wasn't pushing it. At the jump we crest it about 90mph,
land the car, then turn, I'm in 3rd gear most of the track except the
sharp corner after the jump(5B) which is down to 2nd , back to 3rd after the
toilet bowl, and top that out on the back straight. If I'm pushing I
grab fourth both before the jump and on the back straight. At the
hairpin after the back straight it's 2nd gear, then work up to 5th
before the start finish stand. Foot flat till turn one. Brake and down shift from 5th to 3rd for turn one and repeat.....

I was just really enjoying the Seven and not pushing to that limit. Lots of
opportunity to capture more video later as I now have a mount that works.

For those of you that haven't seen anything like this before you will
see my speed build as I get heat into my tires and after I pass the red

All in all it's a cool video from a $50 HD Cam !!

Be sure to watch it in HD. Set the volume to 1/4 for the best sound.

Grattan 2011 (11 min 52 sec)



The cam was behind my windscreen.

I'll add a pic of the car to this post tomorrow. I'm at the wrong computer to do that now. So check back if you're interested.

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