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Hi Fred,

Comments in GREEN below:

Originally Posted by Paxman View Post
OK, got my camera today!

First thing I did was a test recording. I only have an old 64 mb card so I only got a very short video, but I got a video!

Plugged the camera to my computer and it mounted perfectly. I found the file and played it in both Quicktime and VLC. It was basically a set if stills and sound but I put that down to an old (and slow) card and my crappy iBook. Will try a faster and bigger card soon and play it on my MUCH faster PC.

My cam has the time stamp so I will do the FW flash but I have some questions:

Tom states in the instructions:

Am I supposed to see a ".bin" file in the root directory of the card if I formatted the card in the camera?
It doesn't matter where you format the card. You will not see a .BIN file until you copy one to the card yourself.

If I mount the camera on my mac I see two folders: "DCIM" and "MISC". Is the ".bin" file supposed to be in one of those two or should it be next to them?
It should be next to them. The root directory is the first one that opens when you click on the camera icon.

When flashing is done, should the ".bin" file be left on the card or can it be deleted?
You must not have read the instructions fully or have forgotten the procedure. Go back and read the instructions for flashing in new firmware. This question is clearly answered there.

Also, and Im sorry if this have been covered already, how does the charge light work on these? Will it go out when charging is finished?
Yes, it has been asked and answered before, but this is a self-help thread. Go to post #3 FAQs and you will find the answer.

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