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Quick question... I've had my #11 for some time now but haven't used it much. It's been sitting unused for over a month at least. The last time I used it it worked fine, but now it seems the battery may be dead. I've charged it up, set it recording a clip, and it died in about two minutes. (Saved the file properly, end of file has the buzzing at 1 second intervals like when the battery gets low) I charged it up again, then tested the voltage, it was back up to 4.2V as normal. I started another clip, and it died in a few minutes again. I checked the voltage then, and it showed 4.11V, so without charging it, I started another recording and checked the voltage with it running. I watched the voltage drop from 4.11 down to 3.7 in about 15 seconds. Is it safe to assume the lipo cell itself has died and that replacing it will let me use the camera again? I've got some broken #8s and #3s that should have good batteries, can I use one of those?
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