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Thanks for the warm welcome!

Frank, I doubt a sales rep from Taiwan can cut the grass under the feet of your local sales rep and by the time you pay for shipping, it probably won't be worth it. Sorry... My neighbor's website is His name is Maku Lin and his business email address is Feel free to contact him if you want to ask about price and availability but don't get me wrong, I did not join this forum to plug him. His website is crappy, by the way. It only displays about 1% of what he has in store. Again, I think it will probably be cheaper for you to go through your local sales rep.

My understanding about the fly bar on the Solo Pro is that if you shorten it, you have to make it heavier to make up for the change in length. correct me if I'm wrong.

I might buy a spare one and try to fix it up. Thank you for your answer in this regard. It still flies OK, but it has caused a crash on occasion, especially in windy conditions.

And yes, I will post what I know about the 328 when I get one, probably around the third week of July, unless I can convince my neighbor to let me play around outside with one of his samples sooner.


I and my wife are founders of an animal welfare organization in Taiwan called BARK(Befriend Animal Rescue Kaohsiung). Our website is The dog in the video is named Rosa. She was hit by a car and she lost a leg as a result. She also has a permanently deformed broken jaw. We rescued her. She was adopted and she is moving to Canada in about a month. We're just looking after her at the moment while her new owner is on holiday in Thailand. Check out our website and you'll get an insight about our life in Taiwan.



PS: The 328 doesn't have the issue of the fly bar knocking on the canopy. It actually clears the canopy by about 1 or 2 mm. One more reason I'm looking forward to take one out for a spin outdoor.
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