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First post on this forum. I live in Taiwan. My neighbor is a sales rep, here in Taiwan, for Nine Eagles. I will be buying the 328 when it comes out which is expected to be within about a month from now. My neighbor has a few samples but he wouldn't sell me one. He plans to give them out to local magazines and for other promotional deeds. I got to try a sample today, indoor, and it was very stable. I can't wait to fly one outside! I'm a beginner pilot so I can't give you an extensive review. I currently own a Solo Pro II and two Blade MSRs by E-flite. The Solo Pro is far better for a beginner as it is much more durable so my hopes are up as far as the 328 is concerned. I will get the 328 for 3000 New Taiwanese dollars which is about the same as 100USD. Yes, I know, it's cheap, but again the sales rep is my neighbor and I'm a stone's throw from China.

I greatly enjoyed the videos in this thread and the expertise shown by some posters so I decided to join. When I get my 328, I will post some flight videos to reciprocate.

Here's a video of me flying my Solo Pro II last Saturday on a windless day. Windless days are few and far apart this time of year in Taiwan. The light isn't great because it was cloudy and the heli is so small, but I get the little guy going max speed and pretty high up in the sky. It was so much fun!

By the way, is there a fix to avoid having the fly bar knocking on the canopy when flying it hard?

Anyways, here's the video. My user name on YouTube is Armattan.
Nine Eagles Solo fast flight and engineering defect shown (3 min 42 sec)

Sorry for the long first post.

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