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Wait, the standard Turnigy 160 performs better and is more expensive than the 160 Nano-Tech? That's odd, since HK markets the Nano-Tech ones as being more powerfull, with higher C-rating...

I tried the same cells in a Solo Pro, and found that the standard 160 worked best, with longer flight times, but never lasted over 10 to 15 cycles, before losing all power and flight times decreased to a minute. The Nano-Tech 160 is too heavy in my opinion as well, and I didn't get much longer flights than the 130 version, due to the extra weight negating the extra 30 mAh capacity.

However, in a small plane like the HobbyZone Champ the Nano 130 surpassed the stock HobbyZone 150 mAh battery by a big distance. With the stock one I got LVC when going to full throttle after as little as 5 minutes of flight, but with the Nano 130 I got no LVC even after close to 10 minutes of flying.

You might want to try a Hyperion 130 or Intellect 130 in this heli, it really has much more acceleration power. It would also help if this heli was a little lighter, it is now about the same weight as a Bravo SX, which can fly about 5 minutes on a good 150 mAh lipo. Or fit a Nine Eagles landing gear or connector (the connector on the Xtreme skids is a seperate part, so it can be swapped over easily to another heli) and use the 120 OEM batteries. These are quite light, but offer nice performance in the Solo Pro.
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