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Finally received my HK order today.

Haven't had a chance to perform any extensive testing but I did perform one flight on each battery.

I ordered:

- Turnigy nano-tech 130mAh
- Turnigy nano-tech 160mAh
- Turnigy 160mAh

I've charged them all. Only had one flight on each, here are the results:
  • Turnigy nano-tech 130mAh
  • Price: $1.26
  • Weight: 3.8g
  • Flight time: 5:00 minutes
  • Impressions: Performance seemed slightly improved over the stock LiPo, not power as such but I think that the battery being lighter made the heli feel slightly more responsive. At the 4:30 mark the heli was showing signs of struggling and at 5 minutes there was no power left for flying. I think 5 minutes is the maximum you could safely fly for with this battery, and that may be pushing it.
  • Turnigy nano-tech 160mAh
  • Price: $1.40
  • Weight: 4.5g
  • Flight time: 5:00 minutes
  • Impressions: Performance was about the same as the included stock LiPo. Power was noticeably diminishing approaching the 5 minute mark. After a full 5 minutes there was very little power left. The tail was struggling to hold and there wasn't much power left for climbing. I think that flight times of 5:30 is about all you can expect. The battery is a tight fit into the holder and it seems to add too much weight to the heli.
  • Turnigy 160mAh
  • Price: $1.69
  • Weight: 4.3g
  • Flight time: 5:00 minutes
  • Impressions: Performance was noticeably improved over the stock LiPo. The heli climbed faster and pirouetted faster. I wan't constantly working the throttle to keep the heli in the air, it felt perfectly balanced and was a joy to fly. At the 5 minute mark there was still power in reserve. I think once the battery is worn in 6 minute flights will be obtainable. This battery seems to provide an ideal amount of power at an ideal weight.

So there you have it.

My conclusion:

Very happy with the performance of the Turnigy 160mAh. It outperforms the stock LiPo, fits perfectly into the battery holder, the weight and power of this battery seems to be ideal for this helicopter and at $1.69 great value for money.

The Turnigy nano-tech 130mAh just doesn't have enough power for this helicopter, simple as that.

The Turnigy nano-tech 160mAh provided adequate power, about the same as the stock LiPo, but seems slightly too large and heavy for this helicopter. A reasonable choice if nothing else existed but you would be much better off spending the extra and going with the Turnigy 160mAh.
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