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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Check the video editing links in teh FAQs (post #3) for more info on MPcam2AVI and Vdub.

I converted a native 20 min. #11 video from .mov to .avi using the MP4camtoAvi utility to get a lossless .AVI file (took 4 secs. to convert), then importing that into Vdub, and exporting with video set for "Direct Copy", NO audio, and frame rate set to 338 fps (to get the same speedup you referenced), which took 34 sec. So about 1 minute to produce that sped-up file even with the program changes.

The playback with WMP was jerky on my PC, which has a lot of memory and a fast video card, probably because the native h.264 video codec over taxed my system playing back at the fast rate. I did not have this problem when I converted an H.264 video to a .WMV file playing at 64x normal speed with a WLMM converted file!

<edit> WHOA! I rebooted my system because it was sluggish on several tasks I had running. Now after a reboot to clean up my system, that sped-up file plays back at full speed with no pauses whatsoever! <edit>
Got your post edit. That sounds great. I will go back to the video editing faq post it again!

Thanks again for the help!
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