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I have had a couple of 4S funjets and they are certainly fast and fun...and very noisy...annoyingly so,so be aware that they can lead to problems in parks.
Well I have finished most of the mods on my extra,have the larger 3015A motor,a 40 amp ESC and critically have changed out all the crap control rods with heavier items with proper clevis ends and adjustable EZ connectors.I also freed up the surfaces a lot by flexing them hard back and forth heaps of times,this makes a big difference and reduces the servo load significantly.I have got much freer surfaces with more travel now.I also shaved small amounts from the edges of the elevator and horizontal stab to enable more travel(use a new blade) and did the same for the ailerons.
I will see how the servos go before replacing them if needed,freeing up the surfaces should help here.
I also made a temp fix to the LG by drilling holes low down on the legs and stringing across some braid fishing line to stop them spreading,they are very soft alloy.
I will report back when I get a chance to fly it,but at this stage I can report that she is no lightweight,actually a bit of a porker really...mainly due to the dense foam I think plus she needs the nose weight of the heavier motor anyway so not sure if shedding weight is really possible.It looks nice though so I am happy enough with it and I can prop up to get around 400 watts if I want.
I also think that it needs an exhaust hole on the bottom of the fuse behind the servos as there is nowhere for the hot air to go plus it will be pressurising the canopy.I may carve a hole and cover it with a venturi to hopefully neaten it up and also suck the hot air out.
Anyway will report after maiden.
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