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V200D01 Factory Settings

TIP: After a big crash or a lot of "test" adjustments, things may have gotten out of control. If you know the factory settings, you can return to that point and start adjusting from there.

Here are the "Out Of The Box" settings. Since your servos may be centered differently, these are only a suggested beginning point.

SERVOS: none are centered at 90 degrees!
Ail & Elev Servo-arms: arms will point downward by one tooth.
Rudder Servo: It doesn't matter where it is centered, simply adjust the tail linkage rod so that the Tail Control Rocking Beam (part#64 "L" shape bracket on tail) is 90 degrees to tail shaft.

SWASHPLATE: Height of Swashplate above servo fitting-plate, Aileron side: 17.3mm (corrected from 10.8mm, Sorry)

ALSO SEE: Post #29 How to reset swashplate to factory

Aileron (servo on the right facing forward) linkage: 16.30mm
Elevator (servo on the left facing backward) linkage: 15.60mm
Pitch linkages (from swashplate to blade grip rocker): both 17.4mm

Aileron Gyro: 11:30
Elevator Gyro: 11:30
Rudder Gyro: 12:00
Rudder Extend: 1:00
Ail/Elev Extend: 11:30

Dual Rate Switch: "on" toggle switch up toward you
Throttle Limit Dial: "off" toggle switch away from you
Trims: Throttle all the way down 0%, all others 50%

Good luck!
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