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Originally Posted by Lukey B View Post
I recon Jorge is the real deal... He may not have too much development experience, but there us often alot more to what bike makes it on track, to what bike the rider asks for... Ducati NEVER gave the attention to Stoner, or any of it's riders, that Rossi now receives... Same deal Yamaha apparently...

But even after his fall, Lorenzo was still within a tenth of a second of Spies lap times for most of the race... And is often the fastest Yamaha on the grid, and best finishing Yamaha by a long way... He would've been in there fighting fir the win at Assen for sure...

Anyway... That's my 2cents...

Ohhh... I forgot to mention... Stoner now has a 28 point lead... Wooo Hoooo...
I'm pretty sure Ben was not on or at his limits with the bike. And do you really think yamaha wants the samething to go down.Like it did when they brought JL onboard with Rossi? You know the whole story behind that. But i think things are coming to ahead and i'm willing to bet Ben is not willing to play second fiddle to JL anymore. Plus think about it makes more since to have you guy with the number plate on his bike be the front runner of your team. You can believe there's something more behind the scene.
What i'm saying about Lorenzo is the other 3 aliens was were hurt from injuries.So who was there to REALLY challenge Lorenzo????? This is what i mean.Now Stoner is on top off his game it seems Lorenzo can't do much about it. But i do understand what your saying about the bikes. On that note look at Rossi he seems to find away to make something happen. Yes there putting in time for Rossi but at this point they have no choice. All the money it cost them to get Rossi they have to do something.LOL
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