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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Bob, if you do a similar mod for the HD Key Cam, if you will document the process as it applies specifically to this cam, hopefully with some good pictures, we will have a good tutorial for others to follow easier. I can then post a link to your new post.

FWIW, a different way to get simulated "timelapse" photography is by shooting regular video, then editing it to play back at much higher frame rate. WLMM allows for a 64x speed up! The disadvantage is your recording time is much more limited, but the plus side is that the motion is very smooth!. When we get the promised continuous recording firmware patch, the 20 min. segments the cam now records won't be a factor, but even with those brief (3-4 Sec.) gaps at 64X playback speed it would likely not be very noticeable. The HD key cam with external power source and a 32 GB flash card could record for about 10 hours with the camera shooting at 6500 kbps video data rate.

Here's a sample 30 minute clip, played back in about 30 sec.:
I am looking to do this. Does anyone know of software which can speed up the frame rate of an existing video file to create a time lapse movie? I do not have windows 7....only xp, so I do not have WLMM. I doesn't seem like it should be complex software. It could simply grab every 100th frame or so.
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