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Originally Posted by otherworldliness View Post
This is my first post, and I would like to thank Tom for his great work in providing firmwares to customize 808 #11 camera.

In terms of the features in the firmware, I am most curious about the continuous recording. In the description of firmware post, it seems to imply that instead of chopping up the file at 1Gb size, it will record up to 4Gb, and so on, until the memory card is full.

In my mind, the continuous recording is more like you can keep recording the files in 1Gb size, but once it depletes memory, it will simply delete the oldest video and start a new recording there. That way, if we are on a long road trip (assume we use it as a driving recorder), we don't have to keep taking out the memory card after awhile (i.e. 80 min for a 4Gb card).

So as a feature request, is it possible to have some type of continuous recording even after memory is full?

Thanks a bunch!
Welcome to the thread. It might be possible and has been brought up here before. It's something that is only useful for certain applications, though, since many (me included) don't want to risk losing an earlier recording on the card for the applications we use this camera for (i.e. aerial video from RC planes). I've only been pushing in this thread for basic improvements in the video quality and fixing the existing continuous recording bug since that impacts the most users. But you can pass on other feature requests via the eBay sellers who work closely with the developer. More input from those paths may get more attention.

One interim solution is to use a larger memory card, e.g. 32GB card would give close to 10 hours of video... a long day on the road!
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