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Originally Posted by vienquach View Post
Agreed with what you said.
When choosing a power system, we need to consider what it needs at take off. IMO, the mentioned power system in post #4 would give John plenty of power, light weight, and very reasonable in price.
Oh, I agree with that. I wasn't trying to express any disagreement. As always, there are many motors in the right power range and at quite a range in prices too.

The Torque 4014 is a good motor, but the motor itself is close to $100.00
You're right about expensive, I bought it second hand but not used for $70 and don't regret it now that I've used it some. The Torque motors line is exclusive to one seller and they are not a "bargain basement" or high volume type seller. They stress and sell mostly RTF planes and do that with an emphasis more on quality and performance than prices. And some people are OK with that.

John is building a light weight fuse and hopefully we get the plane ready to flight for less than 5 lbs. At 120 w/lbs (600w), I bet it will take off in less than 30ft, and will be fun. Dont you agree?
He is building lighter? I thought he was reviving his old fuelie and that it was going to be heavier. If the structure is sound I'm OK with planes like that. Sometimes fuel soaked old balsa cannot be saved though...

And you're right, it will be fun. When my Rascal was taking off in 30-40 feet that was usually off and flying before I got it to full throttle the way I roll the throttle on.

Note: I used the exact same power system with APC 14x7 prop on a 3D plane (weighs 3.8 lbs). Take off in less than 3 ft.
That sounds like a good way to avoid tire wear.

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