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I don't think he was suggesting that it was enough for everything, just that the SIG Kadet has a clean and slippery wing and fuselage and that 240W would keep it comfortably above stall speeds.

My SIG Rascal 40 was the same way, it was almost hard to land because of it's low drag and long glide. The Rascal 40 flew at about 7-1/2 pounds and had a 625W power system. That would get it off the ground in 30-40 feet or so and it was immediately throttled back to climb out. On a day with light winds it could fly the pattern on 215 Watts or less than 30 Watts per pound.

Depending on the kind of winds you fly in having a heavier plane is not a handicap as long as you have enough power. The Rascal 40 could handle winds up to 20-25 MPH with 625 Watts and it had enough power to do all the basic aerobatics, fly inverted, etc. And I would expect John could get similar performance from his Kadet II with a power system that was around 80 to 100 Watts per pound.

I used a Torque 4014-570 motor, a 5S A123 pack (equivalent to using 4S LiPO), and a APC 14 x 10 TE prop. That 10 oz. motor have been capable of up to 800 Watts with more battery cells and a bigger prop but at 83 Watts per pound it had all the power it needed.

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