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First Glider

There is a kit for a 2M glider from Stevens Aero that I have built and have 100+ flights on. It is not the sleekest looking glider but has some other
features that I liked. The laser cutting on the kit was exact, there was some thought given to wood selection and the photo instructions left little to imagine.
You can build it with landing gear (included) to fly from dirt fields or take
the gear off to fly from grass fields. Thermals well, I have had it to 2100 ft.
The wing loading with the gear off is 6.50 oz. sq. ft. It is a floater. Do not build without the spoiler. You can get about ten 25 sec. climb outs with a
2200 ma batt. I'm using the recommended Hacker 30-28s motor and the
climbs are vertical, with down elevator. Use some tape for the tips to
insure you don't blow one off as I did when I got in wing flutter. (MY fault)
It is a fun plane to fly and the ability to fly from grass or dirt made it a choice
for me. I can also say that any of the other planes I have seen recommended would also be good choices. Skybench has some great kits. has more info on the Helium Glider.
Best of luck,

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