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Originally Posted by astronaut View Post

Wow, I'm freaked out reading about the stuff that happens in your areas. Nothing like that ever happens here. I don't want to jinx anything *knocks on wood* but I swear that kind of stuff does not happen here at all, and even if it does, it is extremely rare. Wow, now I understand why those safety precautions are needed.

I never realized how different it is over there. After reading that stuff, I am stunned.

Please stay safe guys!
Astro, you make it sound like we live in Iraq or Afghanistan lol Its not ALL bad EVERYWHERE. Its just like this especially near a city. Baltimore I think is in the top 5 list of crime ridden cities in the US. But 40 minutes north, where I live, its relatively peaceful.

Actually, the county I live in is wierd. We have projects, average housing, and multi million dollar mansions on the same road. Kyle Boller of our Ravens lived up the road from me and so did Matt Stover. But I live in the "average" housing. And down a bit from the projects is the country club.

But you are lucky you live where you live. Canada sure does sound good sometimes. Great place to live and raise your family it seems. Anyplace where you dont need weapons for reassurance sounds like a good place to me.

And guys, just looked into it is unmanned but whose to say they cant make a manned aircraft? Imagine accidently hitting the ejection button doing mach 9.6

X-43A Goes 7,000 MPH - Getting Ready for Mach 10 (1 min 16 sec)

Im putting my money on that that "tube" is a runway covering. Place your bets
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