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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
5/27/2011 Update:

The firmware in folders for "Remove Time" and "Continuous Recording and Remove Time" that were posted on 5/20/2011 were reversed! This has now been corrected as of this date. If you downloaded the either of these two folders prior to this date, please down load these two folders again so they contain the correct firmware files.

5/20/2011 UPDATE:

New Release 2 firmware NOW AVAILABLE.

The firmware we have been using up until today (Release 1) is now considered obsolete and is replaced with Release 2 Firmware (attached below). I have removed Release 1 from download availability here to avoid confusion and future problems. If you are still running Release 1 and need one of the old firmware files from that series, PM me.

The new firmware IS NOT INTERCHANGABLE with the prior Release 1 firmware, so do not try it. YOU CAN overwrite the old Release 1 firmware with the new Release 2, but you cannot do the opposite. Release 1 will load over Release 2 and run, but strange things can result, like the video frame size might be reduced down to a very high resolution 320 x 240 size like it did on my camera. Fortunately re-installing Release 2 will restore normal operation, and Release 2 has all the functionality of Release 1, plus it has added better color saturation control. So there is no reason to not install Release 2 unless there is something about Release 1 you can't part with.

Release 2 has just three firmware files:

1. Remove Time: Erases the visible time/date stamp from the video. Recording will stop/save/continue at 20 minute intervals

2. Continuous Recording & Remove Time: This is suppose to remove the time stamp and enable recording to continue without stopping until the flash memory card is full or the 4GB file size limit of the FAT32 file system is reached. With the latter, the recording will stop, saving the file to the flash card. It is suppose to then continue with a new 4GB file, but this part is currently non-functional. It will be fixed soon to continue with a new recording with only a several second delay.

3. Recover Time: Restores the time/data stamp on the video and the 20 min. stop/save/continue recording function.

All firmware has the improved exposure control from Release 1, and adds improved color saturation control. Any further improvements will be only be added to Release 2 firmware. The firmware is installed exactly like the prior ones. The following self-extracting zipped archives contain each of the firmware files in their own folders for identifcation since they are all named the same like the prior firmware:
Hi Tom
I feel that I've got to write to you to thank you for the above info, I've now done 2 of my #11 key cams and it worked perfectly both times, I only wish somebody could come up with the same type of file to do the same to my #8 cameras, as the #11 was so easy to do.
many thanks
Ray Kyte.
PS I hope somebody soon comes up with the updated file so that the camera will restart after 4gb.
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