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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
The part I was not sure of, but left out of my post, was whether the SDformatter was a requirement of the flash memory "for optimal performance" as the SD web page says. We found further back in this thread that formatting with Windows OS using different formatting block sizes that the write speed to the card could be changed, dramatically in some cases, like from 7k kbps to 10k kbps... don't know if you were reading this forum then. Then when the newer Release 2 firmware was flashed in, this changed the write speed to the card, too, even though the formatting was the same. So, it is still uncertain to me what "optimal" means, e.g. best read/write speed on average, best file integrity, security, or what?
Are you sure that is the card write speed? I was reading the thread back then and I always took it to mean those numbers were the bit rate of the video which is something entirely different than card write speed. If those posts really were talking about card write speed then you are right. But if it was video bit rate, that would all depend on how the video encoder decided to encode the video before writing it to the card (a decision that seemed to depend on how the card was formatted, not the card's write speed).
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