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Originally Posted by Dick L. View Post
If the boom to deck height stays the same, but you slide the grommet forward, then "yes" the jib leech and boom will be closer to the mast.

Ok...that's what I thought.

As for added "lift" - I'm not sure as you have actually shifted your CE of the sails aft a percentage of that 1 inch difference. Using the first RG photo - "IF" you could loosen the deck to jib boom (white) line, to allow the boom to rise on a downhill run, you might find a bit more lift as the jib would have more "belly" in the sail and act like a "poor-mans" spinnaker. Basically using the jib-to-deck line and the jib sheet line to control how high the boom would rise. How to control that deck attachment line is the question - unless it was connected to another servo/winch.

I'm still confused here...are you saying let the boom lift higher off the deck? Would that also mean leaving the fore stay looser so the sail can lift? And...does the jib need to go forward or aft? Which way to move the gromlet?

I'm not familiar with the space you have below decks, but theory is to sheet out the main and jib, and at the same time allow the boom to rise, thinking that the jib might gain some upward lift instead of straight forward. Personally, if winds are that strong, you wold have less tendency to pitchpole if you "reach and gybe" downwind keeping wind off the rear quarter - at worst you might round-up to weather before stuffing the bow. Gotta keep the rudder in the water for steering - reach off in puffs and head back down in steady air might be a solution.

We have no access below deck.

Maybe I just need to go home...
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