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My first Housefly Mod

since i didn't care too much for the cardboard boom in my Housefly kit, i decided to use a 5mm CF boom (woven Breeze tubing) with a tight slip fit so that i'll be able to later experiment with different boom lengths and configurations rather than gluing it in. this way i could even try a Piccolo boom since on the piccolo the motor is adjustable to enable changing pinion sizes/ratios. (i also have some custom made, ultralightweight CF tail rotor blades that fit the piccolo's system that i use on the Moth)

in order to make the boom replaceable,i needed a smaller diameter hole in the undercarriage to insert an aluminum sleeve to hold the smaller boom in place, so i just made some new "A" supports from 1/32" balsa covered on both sides with .008" CF plate. the new braces are a little stiffer & stronger but weigh exactly the same as the original plywood ones but the CF boom is lighter than the cardboard boom by 1.2 grams.

here's a picture of the front brace which is actually .25 grams lighter than the stock one:

the landing struts go into the balsa, between the two CF plates.

i'm going to use the stock ply top plate since it's easily strong and light enough as is and it's cut very precise for the motor and mast. Here's a three more views of the chassis (of which the wood will be later blackened with a black sharpie- as painting it would only add more weight)
front view:

rear view, showing the aluminum sleeve to mount the boom (the rear brace is .25 gram heavier than the stock one, due to the aluminum sleeve).

and finally, the side view:

so far, i like this little bird.the chassis complete with boom as shown weighs only 6.2 grams. i purchased the recommended GWS pico servos for it (but now i'll just use them in something else)and decided to go with Hitec HS-50's instead, since they're a little lighter and draw less current. i'm also going to replace their wires with an even smaller gauge to lighten them even further.

hopefully it'll be airborn by the weekend.
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