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Thought I'd do some decoding - Not coming from sailing background, the lingo is sometimes is unclear, so I look up the terms to learn. I think these are correct -Dick or anyone that knows, can correct me if I am off the mark.

These are terms Dick used in his post below:
jib leech = distance of outside edge of a jib sail to the mast.

reach = sailing on a tack with the wind roughly abeam, all sailing points between running and close-hauled.

abeam = directly to the side of the boat.

close- hauled = sailing close to the wind with sails pulled in.

gybing or jibing = changing direction with the wind aft; to change from one tack to another by turning the stern through the wind; can be spelled either way.

round up to weather = turing into the wind (weather = windward, opposite of leeward.)

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