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I think an inch would be extreme - I like the way Dennis achieves the adjustment - it gives you a way to make small incremental adjustments or larger without drilling any holes.

I suppose once you found the right placements for varying conditions you could install a jib rail. Again, using the sliding grommet is very easy to set up.

A friend of mine has a Yamaha RTW like mine, and purchased a set of Dennis's custom sails for it, but when he first installed them, the boat didn't handle correctly - I assumed because of the sails being so much more efficient than the stock sails. They changed the dynamics of the boat. Dennis suggested he move the jib connection from it's original location to a point further back - which of course changed the geometry. The gap between the mast and sail changed - My friend played around with it until he found the "happy spot" - and it was better.

I am not crazy about the material most of these sailmakes use to make paneled sails with. To me it is very fragile and can crease very easily. I like custom made sails made out of ripstop fabric better. They are more durable and work almost as well. (one man's opinion)

Dennis made another set for my friend out of a material very much like the factory sails (ripstop) and they worked perfectly - The original material failed for some reason and Dennis was great about it, and replaced them. Good guy!

When the time comes, I will have Dennis make a set of those for my Yamaha and for my Nirvana too. I must be weird because I like the factory Nirvana sails.
I am quite sure they are bullet proof - John feels his custom sails make a big differenc on his boat, so I'd like to see what they'd do for Nirvana - They look terrific.

That's my story and I'm sticken to it!

Oh, great looking boat Dick!
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