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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Yes, it's a FAT32 file system limitation. The SDformatter utility, created by the SD Association specifically to give an SD card maximum performance, doesn't give the option to format with anything other than FAT32, so it may be a requirement of the flash memory... don't know for sure.
The SDformatter utility is there for people who don't know anything about computers. It just formats the SD card to the standard filesystem that every device expects to see. If you wanted, you could format an SD card with NTFS or ext3 or any other filesystem you want. You can even create multiple partitions on one if you wanted, it's just another block device like a hard drive. Your only limitations are based on the operating system you are using.

I actually delete the partition table and recreate it on all my new flash media as in some instances it has improved performance. And some flash devices I have bought (PNY in this case) came with an incorrect partition table from the factory that worked but caused warnings when mounted.
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