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Originally Posted by Paxman View Post
Edit: Concerning the power supplies with super big capacity.

For me, these are NOT alternatives since my application for the #11 is light RC planes and helis.

Suddenly I felt that I just barged in on this thread without presentation and without giving credit to the MAN of this thread.

Well, Iīm Fred from Sweden and I want to do some nice AP from my E-Starter float plane and my T-Rex 450 heli. Thatīs how I found this thread.

All credit to Tom Frank who has compiled and moderated this thread, not to mention gathering all the information and having contact both with vendors and developer of this sweet product!

Thanks, Fred, and welcome to the thread. My use for this camera is similar to yours, but for winged aircraft only. Fortunately, the Slow Stick can haul one heck of a load, much larger than these tiny cameras, but the small size means you can mount them almost anywhere.

Before the #11 came along, I used an HD camcorder that started out at about 5 oz. weight, then I pared that down to 2-1/2 oz. by ditching the case and (very heavy) LCD display. I still like that option since it has a 5MP CMOS sensor and larger lens, with even color and brightness across the 1280x720 display. But the #11 can go where it can't! I'd just like some more firmware tweaks to improve the white balance shift when going from bright to darker areas, diminish the color saturation level, and fix the continuous recording continuation bug. After that, only a larger CMOS array and lens can fix the vignetting at the edges, I think.

But it seems this thread has picked up many people who do not use the camera for AV purposes, but rather many different ground uses. They don't have the same constraints that we do with size, weight, etc. But my focus in this thread and with the sellers/developer is, and will continue to be, biased towards AV use.
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