Thread: Mini-HowTo V200D01 flies like a co-axial!
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Stock Blades longer now?

I remember, a few months ago, one Blogger posted that his new Walkera 180Z blades were longer than the V200D01. Everyone jumped on the thread and dispelled his testiment saying "they are all the same, just a different color just like the description says." As it turns out, the blogger was right.

I've ordered a couple dozen blades over the past few months, the same part# each time. Yet, today my new blades arrived and they are much longer. So, I emailed Jonothan about whether this was a fluke or if we can get these blades regularly.

ANSWER: WowHobbies responded "The CB180-Z-01 is slightly longer than the CB180Z-Z-01 (double Z), if you try to give it too much turn, it might stike the tail rotor." That means that I ordered the wrong set. I'm going to try them anyway. So there you have it! -thanks Jonathon!

BTW.. some ask why I use the 180Z blades instead of the V200D01 blades. Well, its because..... wait for it..... I just like the looks of 'em!
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