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Improved firmware for the KK multicopter, also the HK KK.

After trying Duck!'s MultiWii tricopter I found out that I needed to improve my firmware for the KK multicopter. The MultiWii flew like it was on rails

First out is the quad:

- higher ESC update frequency, from 180 to 290Hz

- PI control loop instead of just P.

- Easier to arm, no throttle trim required.

- Improved LED feedback when setting up. Entering the ESC throttle range adjustment will flash the LED 2 times. Entering the gyro/potmeter reversing flashes the LED 3 times, and will flash rapidly when correct input is given.

- Improved the multiply part of my math library by using the AVR hardware multiplier. The old one where written to suit AVR's without hardware multiplier.

It now flies like it is on rails, no ballooning (pitching up) when stick released in high speed. It also can descend rapidly straight down without wobbling.

The firmware fits in the small atmega48, so users of the HK KK card can upgrade without swapping chips.

Have fun!

New quadrocopter firmware V4.7, see post #73
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