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Originally Posted by rblubaugh View Post
O.K., let the newbie put his foot in his mouth. If I understood correctly, and I probably didn't, but instead of having the "hard" line to the end of the jig boom Templus was talking about using a 'cable tie' "sort of" loosely tied around the jib boom and the forward tie down so the boom would move one way or the other depending on the level of wind. If that is the case, could you put a second grommet on the forward end of the jig boom and let the cable tie be a little looser and allow it to travel between the two grommets giving you the same benefit?
Or am I just all wet?

Not sure I understand your question? Are you saying to put another sliding gromment ahead of the "A" sticker on the jib boom to let the connection float between the two gromments?

As you can see from the photos of the Super Nirvana project, Dennis has done what Templus was suggesting, only in a more refined way.

I am easily confused and am just wondering what benifit we'd get from doing that?

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