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I'd just like to make a few quick notes about the build as of the maiden flight.

Because I was worried about rolls being too sensitive I decided to install control horns only on the bottom ailerons even though I've hinged all four ailerons. The top ailerons are temporarily fixed in place by a few bits of 6mm foam and double sided tape.

I also installed a small fiberglass spar on the upper wing. I originally intended the design to be sparless because I had great success with other 24 inch sparless designs. But in the end I chickened out and installed a spar anyway.

The final hardware for the maiden are:

Battery: either 2S 370mAh or 2S 610mAh (swapping between the two didn't require much trim changes, just a couple of clicks on the elevator).
Motor: AX 1806N 2100kv 19g brushless.
ESC: Hobbyking 15-18A SS series.
Prop: 6x4.3

The CG is roughly towards the rear of the cabanes. I'll update the plans later to indicate CG directly in the template so you can mark it as you build.

The elevator is trimmed almost neutral with just a couple of clicks up. Of course, angle of incidence between the wings and horizontal stabilizer is zero.

Amazingly, with zero dihedral on both wings she flies perfectly fine with just rudder and elevator. I actually have my transmitter set up so that I can change from ailerons to RET at the flick of a switch and for the maiden I mostly fly her in RET mode.
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